by Badger bob


Bob and his original Howling Helmet.

Bob and his Howling helmets all started in the year of 2000. Anyone who knows Bob, knows he loves attention, every since he was born. Bob, who is based out of Vista, CA, sported a one of kind helmet creation while riding with his biker buddies and turned heads. He received so many comments, Bob decided to design more creations. Bob and his family, now 8 years later are attending Bike Rallies as a vendor, with the creative original helmets, Howling Helmets. So far he has interested people from all over the world who have visited his booth. He has had customers from Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Dale Earnheardt Jr and Lorenzo Llamas daughter Shayne Llamas. Check out the events page for more information on when you can visit Bob at one of his events
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